"That’s kind of when my whole journey with Elephantine Me began – right after giving birth to smelly pants."

My name's Siouxsie – mother of two and co-founder of Elephantine Me.

For me, having a kid meant getting used to a lot of new things. Not just taking care of a baby, but new toys, gizmos and gadgets that you’ve never used before. Becoming a parent is like being abducted by aliens… everything is pretty weird and unfamiliar. You also have to learn how to do everything with one hand... easier said than done!

I had always thought that I would try and work from home more after having kids, and maternity leave after the little guy was born gave me a lot of time to come up with ideas. On the rare occasion that I would be able to leave the house, I always found myself battling with nappy bags...

Who wants to hang a bag over their arm when they’ve got a baby to carry? Who wants to dig around at the bottom of a bag to find a dummy? And who likes trying to scrub stains out of the fancy lining because no one thought to make it waterproof?

After a lot of encouragement from friends and family and a few glasses of Pinot, I decided to take the plunge into becoming a mumpreneur and Elephantine Me was born.

Our Mission

It’s not all about nappy bags you know. This is just the start. Our real goal is to continue developing products that make parents’ lives easier. We’re already working on some pretty funky ideas that we think you’ll love.