The 5 best baby sleeping bags money can buy

Find out which baby sleeping bags people are buying and why.

Baby sleeping bags are not just some cosy wearable blankets for your child. They’re a much safer alternative than normal blankets and even provide some additional perks!

Infants sleep up to 18 hours a day, spending the vast majority of their day in the comfort of their beds. This is necessary for their overall mental and physical development.

With sleep playing such an active part in the growth of your child, it’s imperative that the bed in which he or she sleeps is comfortable and cosy.

What Are Baby Sleeping Bags?

Sleeping bags for babies are usually sleeveless sacks that cover the shoulders.

The torso of the baby is contained in the sack, and the arms remain outside the sleeping bag. This will ensure the free movement of the baby and prevents the sack from rising above the head.

No blanket or duvet is needed to cover the head of the baby. If it’s too cold, you may use a cap as protection. These are far better than traditional blankets and other covers used for babies.

Why You Need a Baby Sleeping Bag

So much is being talked about baby sleeping bags these days that you might ask yourself why we didn’t grow up wearing one.

Why have these sleeping sacks gained so much importance and popularity lately?

Like we’ve mentioned, sleeping bags are essentially wearable blankets, they help you keep the baby warm through the night. The temperature in the blanket will always stay constant.

They also give great flexibility for the baby to move. The baby sleeping bags ensure that the kid can conveniently move around in them. Babies’ natural movement of limbs isn’t restricted, unlike in traditional blankets.

Most importantly, there’s no danger of the baby getting tangled in the sleeping bag. Normal blankets are prone to this. Hence, sleeping bags are well-known for being highly effective in preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Finally, there’s no need for additional blankets or covers to protect the baby. The sleeping bag is a self-sufficient bed. Not to mention, it’s easy to carry and super convenient during travel.

The Process of Picking the Right Baby Sleeping Bags

Normally, parents prefer to use sleeping bags for babies after they're a few weeks old. Younger babies love and need to be tucked in covers to feel secure.

The confines of the womb, to which they're accustomed for nearly 9 months, have to be recreated for them to feel comfortable and not out of place. Plus, the factors of safety and flexibility need to be considered while putting your baby to sleep.

The traditional way of making a bed for babies has its own pitfalls… babies manage to wiggle their way under the covers and the blanket can get kicked off.

Given the positives of baby sleeping bags, the big question to ask would be about their size and quality – how to pick the right one for your baby.

Baby sleeping bags come in different sizes and degrees of quality. If you place your baby in an oversized or undersized sleeping bag, the purpose of the bag is defeated. An oversized one will allow your baby to wriggle and get trapped in the bag. Similarly, an undersized one will stifle the movements of your baby and cause discomfort.

What is the best tog rating for a baby sleeping bag?

Baby sleeping bags are measured by their tog rating. The higher the rating, the warmer the bag will be. Bags with higher ratings are ideal for cooler zones, while the low rated togs are suitable for warmer places.

A rating of 2.5 is considered the standard rating for cold weather. The togs you need might vary with the local temperature. Different weather conditions demand varying togs and hence it's always better to keep a couple of them handy.

A general benchmark in determining which tog to choose is the room temperature in which your baby sleeps. For temperatures up to 17 degrees Celsius, a standard tog of 2.5 with one or two blankets is the norm. It will ensure the baby is nice and snug in bed!

For room temperatures ranging between 17-20 degrees Celsius, you may consider using the normal 2 tog sleeping bag. A 1 rating tog is ideally suited for 21-23 degrees Celsius while a 0.5 tog is essential for temperatures above 24 degrees Celsius.

For room under-14 degrees Celsius, a 3.5 tog sleeping bag is preferred. This is an abnormal situation, for sure!

Depending upon the temperature range of your city and your home, you may need more than one baby sleeping bag. it's also essential that you check the body temperature of the baby by placing your hand on its belly before deciding which bag to use on any particular day.

What Else to Look For

Baby sleeping bags come in three different sizes – for babies up to 6 months, from 6-18 months, and 18 months and above.

Sleeveless and hoodless sleeping bags are ideal, while the armholes and neck hole must be comfortably sized for your baby.

Ensure that the apertures like arm and neck holes are sutured properly. Rough edges might fray the skin of your baby.

Finally, multiple zipped sleeping bags are preferable over uni-zip sleeping bags. They provide greater convenience at the time of feeding and changing.

What Are the Best 5 Baby Sleeping Bags?

Baby sleeping bags are available across a wide variety and ranges. Several of them have acquired brand value by virtue of their distinctive features and utility value.

We’ve done some extensive research and came to a verdict. These are undisputedly the best baby sleeping bags you can get your hands on!

1. Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack

Made of 100% cotton, the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack is truly a Nest for any little baby. The interiors are lined with a soft quilt to ensure a soft feel and the breathable fabric will ensure a trouble-free sleep for your baby.

This baby sleeping bag comes with unique shoulder straps and can be machine washed. It's available in different togs and the most preferred is the 2.5 tog, as it’s ideal for normal room temperatures. Weighing a little above 14 ounces, the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack is of 32 x 11.1 x 1.8 inches dimension.

This product is ideal for babies weighing between 16 and 26 pounds.


  • Affordable and doesn’t sacrifice quality
  • A perfect transition from the womb to the swaddling stage.
  • The external cotton cloth and the inner quilt finish provide an additional sense of warmth


  • Not portable. Ideal for home use but not practical for journeys.
  • Not the best choice of material

2. Woolino 4 Season Basic Baby Sleeping Bag

Made of soft hypo-allergenic Australian Merino Wool, the 4 Season Basic Baby Sleeping Bag is a product of Woolino.

The fabric is luxuriously soft inside and has a cotton outer, which helps the baby stay warm during winter and cool during the hot season. The heirloom-quality fabric used in this sleeping bag makes it easy to machine wash and dry up faster than any other material. It comes in unique sizes, allowing usage for a longer period.

The sleeping bag is available in three sizes: 0-6, 6-18, and 18-36 months. It comes with a two-way zipper, making it convenient to feed the baby or change diapers.

The 4 Season Basic Baby Sleeping Bag from Woolino weighs light at 14 ounces and comes in 9.6 x 9.6 x 1.8 inches dimensions. It’s available in 9 different colours like Gray, Earth, Navy Blue, Stars, Panda, Crowns, Butterflies, Lilac and does not require loose blankets.


  • Temperature regulating feature makes it a unique sleeping bag for your baby
  • Attractive design
  • Good quality of material


  • No shoulder or underarm snaps
  • Not adjustable
  • Expensive

3. Baby Sleeping Bag "Minky Dot" Rose

Available in three sizes: 3-11, 10-24, and 24-36 months, the “Minky Dot” Rose baby sleeping bags are designed in bell shape to give maximum kicking space for your child.

This sleeping bag is made with 100% cotton inner lining and the outer shell is made of polyester. It has a full-length zip at the front, making it super convenient to put in and take out your baby as needed.

The sleeveless design helps babies to sleep comfortably without feeling any heat from the sack. It's machine washable and can be tumbled dry.

The Minky Dot Rose sleeping bag is pretty light at 12.8 ounces and measures 15 x 11 x 2.2 inches. The soft jersey 100% cotton in the sleeping bag provides a great comfortable sleeping space for your child, allowing him/her to sleep for longer hours.


  • Spacious and comfortable due to its unique shape
  • Opens completely from the front. You can unzip as much as needed and allow the baby to enjoy the warmth of the sleeping bag.


  • Its polyester outer shell makes it prone to catching fire quickly

4. Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic

Available in attractive Star Dust Grey colour, the Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic is one of the truly classic baby sleeping bags in the market.

Made of 100% luxuriously soft imported cotton, this sleeping bag is 100% safe as all its materials are BPA, toxic, and Phthalate free. At its widest, it measures 7.5”, giving great flexibility for the baby to move and at the same time feel warm.

The upper portion of the sleeping bag is stuffed with little extra padding, giving a feeling of assurance to the baby inside. This pad is filled with non-toxic poly beads, which help in longer sleep time for babies.

It has a two-way zipper, making it the most convenient baby sleeping bag for feeding or nappy changing. It comes with adjustable shoulder snaps and can be expanded or contracted to suit the exact size of your baby.


  • 100% soft imported cotton
  • Additional padding on the chest makes it more convenient for putting your baby to sleep
  • Adjustable shoulder snaps and the two-way zipper add value to the product


  • Available in a single colour, giving no room for choice
  • The light-coloured sack is prone to get dirty quickly

5. Kyte BABY Sleeping Bag

This Winter Model quilted and double-layered sleeveless sleeping bag is made of a 100% organic cotton outer shell ensuring it's easily washable.

Designed as a perfect wearable blanket, this sleeping bag is devoid of synthetic material like polyester or fleece, as the inner lining is also made up of 100% jersey organic cotton.

This sleeping bag is really super light. It weighs just 8.8 ounces and is of 14.2 x 11.3 x 2.4 inches dimension. It's machine washable and requires no batteries.

It comes with adjustable shoulder snaps enabling you to fit the size of your baby. Its generous bell shape will provide maximum space for the baby to move freely.


  • Comfortable outer and inner layers to aid heat loss and air circulation
  • Quality snaps and zippers for ease of use
  • Lightweight


  • Side zippers make it inconvenient to operate.


What type of zip is ideal for baby sleeping bags?

A full front opening zip.

It allows for easy handling of the baby whether for feeding or diaper change. Side zippers are inconvenient.

What is the right sleeping bag size for my baby?

All manufacturers have sizing charts available with them. Measure your child from top to toe and match the length of your baby with the corresponding size.

Which lining material is best suitable for sleeping bags?

The material that's used for baby sleeping bags must invariably be 100% soft cotton. The internal lining must not contain synthetic fibres like polyester or fleece. The outer shell must also be made from cotton so that it's easy to wash and dry.

Do you recommend any particular shape of a sleeping bag?

More than the shape, it's the size and the dimensions to match the size of your baby that matter.

Ideally, a bell-shaped sleeping bag will ensure more leg space and body space for your baby to move easily. Look out for a sleeping bag with adjustable shoulder snaps.

Summing Up

You might feel overwhelmed with the multitude of products when it comes to picking up a good baby sleeping bag for your child.

Depending on the weather conditions, age, and size of the baby, you’ll find that there’s always one sleeping bag that checks all the boxes.

Considering the various pros and limited cons, in addition to the price advantage, I feel Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack from Baby Deedee House doesn’t compromise on anything. It's by far the best baby sleeping back I’ve come across!

By any chance, if the model is unavailable or you’re looking for colour and design variations, go in for Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic.

In any case, you can’t go wrong with any of our picks for the best baby sleeping bags in the market.

Sweet dreams!

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