Hop Into Easter Fun: 5 Easter Activities to do with your Baby

Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate with your family, and even babies can get in on the fun with some age-appropriate activities. Here are some ideas for Easter activities that you can enjoy with your little one:

1. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a classic activity for kids of all ages, and babies can join in on the fun too! Hide some plastic eggs around your house or yard, and let your baby discover them. You can even fill the eggs with small toys or treats that are safe for babies. This is a great way to develop your baby's motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

2. Sensory Baskets

Sensory play is a great way to stimulate your baby's senses and help them explore the world around them.

Fill a basket with different textures such as soft bunny ears, Squishy Easter Eggs, or silky scarves, and let your baby explore them with their hands and mouth.
This is a great way to help your baby learn about different textures and develop their sensory processing skills.

If you'd prefer to get a basket with everything you need, you can check this one out: My first easter basket.

  3. Egg Painting

Egg painting is a fun activity for babies and toddlers alike. Use non-toxic finger paints or food colouring to let your baby paint hard-boiled eggs. This is a great sensory activity that also helps develop fine motor skills. You can even use the eggs as decorations around your home once they're dry.

Here is a recipe for edible paint, the safer option for your babies: 
Grab some natural yoghourt and  pour into a bowl or a small container and add a drop of food colouring to each container. Mix everything together with a spoon or a spoon or paintbrush to mix the food colouring and yoghourt together. Your edible paint for babies is now ready.

4. Easter Storytime

Reading books to your baby is a great way to bond with them and help them develop language skills.
Babies are also attracted by images and colours, which is why board books with bright and colourful illustrations are a great choice for young children. Easter books are the best as they tend to be very colourful. This can help hold their attention and make the reading experience more enjoyable for them.
Here are our recommendations for Easter book for babies:
  1. Peter Rabbit: Easter Surprise
  2. Baby Touch: Happy Easter! 
  3. Peter's First Easter Board book
  4. Llama Llama Easter Egg
  5. "That's Not My Chick" by Fiona Watt

This is a great way to introduce your baby to Easter traditions and help them learn about the holiday.

5. Bunny Ears Craft

Making bunny ears is a fun craft activity that you can do with your baby. Use construction paper or felt and elastic to make a pair of bunny ears that your baby can wear. This can be a fun dress-up activity for your baby, and it also helps develop their fine motor skills.

Remember to always supervise your baby during these activities and choose age-appropriate materials that are safe for them. With a little creativity, you can make Easter a fun and memorable time for your whole family, including your littlest ones.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and how you created memories this Easter. 

Comment below your favourite activities or send us some pictures ;).

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