21 best baby shower gift ideas

From adorably cute to hilariously funny, you’re bound to find something you love.

So you've got a friend or a family member who's expecting a new baby? Well, then you probably know by now how tricky picking the perfect baby shower gift can be!

Of course, you want to buy the expectant mummy or daddy something they actually need to help them out with the baby, but you also want something that's unique and interesting to impress everyone at the shower!

This is exactly why I've put together this list of the most useful yet charming baby shower gift ideas so you can get the soon to be mama or dada something practical and cool that'll receive all the "awws" and "oohs"! So here it goes!

1. A Multi-Stage Baby Bath Tub

A baby bathtub is an essential item for all new mums and dads, and believe me, they're going to be using it A LOT! Not just because babies need frequent baths to keep their skin healthy, but also this particular bathtub from Skip Hop is a 3-stage model!

This means the parents will be able to use it as the baby grows! This cute bathtub offers full support for newborns and seated support for infants, then you can remove the sling altogether for older babies to sit upright.

2. A White Noise Machine to Help the Baby Sleep

New mums and dads need every bit of help to get their babies to sleep, so they can also get some sleep and not look like zombies! One handy item to have for this purpose is a white noise machine. These things produce soothing sounds to calm down babies and gently put them back to sleep.

BLU The Bear is both a plush cuddly toy, a white noise machine, and even a night light! It has 10 popular lullabies, a cry-sensor, as well as a projector with a colourful star pattern!

3. A Fun Teething Toy

Soon enough, the new mum will have to deal with a grumpy, teething baby. But it doesn't have to be like that! A teething toy can be such a lifesaver as it helps relieve the pain of sore gums.

Plus, with the fun look and eye-catching colours of this Matchstick Monkey teething toy, the baby will also be entertained! No worries, this toy is made from 100% silicone for safety, and it has soft bumps to soothe the baby's gums.

4. A Cozy Hooded Baby Towel

Both adorable and functional, a hooded baby towel can really go a long way, especially when it's designed to last.

This organic hooded baby towel from San Francisco Baby is made of 100% bamboo, so it's not just highly absorbent, soft, and plush, but it's also eco-friendly! The new mama and dada will surely appreciate how the towel looks as well, with a minimalistic unisex pattern and two oh-so-cute beat ears!

5. A Grooming/Healthcare Kit

From cutting and filing nails to brushing teeth and combing hair, a grooming kit is a must-have item for all first-time parents.

This healthcare kit from Tommee Tippee makes for a perfect gift because it has just about everything necessary to monitor and care for a baby.

It includes a pair of scissors, a brush, a comb, a nail clipper, a toothbrush, two emery boards, a nasal aspirator, and even a digital moral thermometer to check the baby's temperature. All of these are organised in a convenient pouch, which makes it ideal to pack for trips.

6. A Personalized Handprint & Footprint Photo Frame

This beautiful handprint & footprint photo frame is a great gift if you want to hit two birds with one stone!

Not only do the upcoming mum and dad get to keep a memento of their little one forever, but they can also use the frame to decorate the baby's room. Talk about a super thoughtful baby shower gift!

Moreover, this is a DIY type of project so it can be a fun activity for the whole family to do together!

7. A Versaille Baby Wrap Carrier

It's always a good idea to get new parents stuff that they can use in more than one way. A baby wrap sling is a perfect example of such a gift, particularly this one from CuddleBug since it offers 9 different positions for carrying the baby.

The soon-to-be mum or dad can use this premium cotton wrap for their newborn up until they grow into 36-pound toddlers. The configurations of this sling include breastfeeding hold, front carry, side carry, back carry, and hip carry.

8. A Pair of Funny Mum Socks

Who said a baby shower gift can't be both funny AND practical? Definitely not this pair of labour socks!

These mummy-to-be socks will earn a lot of laughs from the guests with the joking text " Keep Calm And Push". The text is actually non-slip to keep the mum from falling over, while the socks themselves are made with luxury cotton for extra comfort during labour.

9. A Set of Cute Baby Socks

Now, you didn't think I'd forget about those adorable little feet, did you? This set of precious baby socks will surely keep the baby's tootsies nice and warm while putting a smile on people's faces when they look at them.

These socks from Bring Me Socks have several cute and funny quotes printed on the bottom of each sock. The socks are super soft and gentle, they even come in a gifting box ready for the baby shower!

10. A Handy Baby Nappy Caddy Organiser

A first-time parent will never say no to any kind of help when it comes to organising their baby necessities. This is where you come in to be their saviour with a practical yet stylish storage tote bin.

I especially like this extra-large nappy caddy by Hinwo because it includes detachable and foldable dividers to keep everything sorted, as well as ten invisible pockets for added storage. I mean, with a baby, you can never have enough room!

11. A Baby Sensory Toy

You can show your expectant friend how much you care about their baby's development by getting them a sensory toy.

Freddie The Firefly from LAMAZE is a wonderful example of a well-rounded toy designed to serve multiple purposes from entertaining the baby to stimulating their senses.

It's soft and cuddly with a lot of different colours, patterns, and textures so the baby will never get bored! It even includes crinkle wings, click-clack rings, and a squeaker to capture the baby's attention.

12. An Automatic Baby Rocker

This award-winning gadget takes innovation to a whole new level with its automated rocking concept. Yes, you read that correctly, this portable baby rocker from ROCKIT will continue rocking the baby without any effort from the parents

13. A Multi-Functional Mum & Baby Pillow

One of the best baby shower gifts you can get for an upcoming mummy and her baby is a multifunctional pillow.

A cushion like this one by Niimo can serve a whole lot of aspects; the mum can use it as a breastfeeding pillow, prop the baby to stay in the correct position during and after feeding, make into a mini-bed when outdoors, or even use it to help the baby crawl and sit.

This nursing pillow is made of polyester and the case is 100% cotton.

14. An Amusing Book

Nearly all expectant mamas have a heap of educational (and boring) books on everything baby-related, so why don't you skip the conventional section of the parenting library and get your friend a unique, fun book instead?

The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People is all about entertaining new mums with a sense of humour. It's part diary, part colouring book, and part hysterically honest advice! There are also lists, pictures, quizzes, and check-in sheets.

15. Heartfelt Letters from the Past

You know those time capsules people make to rediscover later on in their lives or even for prospective generations? Well, this is the basic idea here where the parents write letters for their baby to read at some point in the future.

Letters to My Baby includes 12 fold-and-mail promoted letters that invite mothers and fathers to capture the memories of their baby's first years as well as share their hopes and dreams for the little one.

This is definitely one of my favourite baby shower gift ideas!

16. Matching Mugs for Mummy & Daddy

Sometimes, the simplest things are the most effective. This is especially true with gifts such as matching mugs. They're typically sweet and straightforward to the point.

This set from Hugs & Kisses includes two premium mugs; one says "Mummy's Mug" and has pink decorations, while the other says "Daddy's Mug" and has blue detailing.

The mugs are made from New Bone China, offering a high-quality, elegant way for parents to kick back and relax with a cup of coffee after doing all the hard work.

17. Adorable Baby Shoes

Cranking up the "aww" factor, there's no doubt that baby shoes are one of the most adorable things out there you can ever lay your eyes on. They also make wonderful baby shower gifts, earning a lot of swooning over how little they are!

I really like the ones from Dotty Fish which are made with smooth, soft leather as well as non-slip suede soles. This means they can be worn by newborns and toddlers, ideally for indoor use.

These slippers also have elasticated ankle trims to make sure the shoes stay snug on the baby's feet.

18. A Pampering Spa Set

Show the soon-to-be baby mumma some love with a beauty gift set so she can indulge in a spa experience before and after the baby arrives. I mean, she definitely deserves it, don't you think?

This pampering set from Sanctuary Spa contains a face wash, hand cream, heel balm, and wet skin moisturizer. All of these treats come in travel size tubes so they can be easily packed in mummy's hospital bag.

19. A Hilarious Door Sign

It's common knowledge that you should never wake up a baby who's napping unless you want the parents to kill you! So, take the initiative and warn everybody dropping by to visit your expectant friends with a funny sign that explains the situation.

This door sign actually says "Shhh… Baby Is Sleeping Do Not Knock OR Ring The Bell" which is a piece of advice that all mums and dads can agree on!

20. A Growing Bouncer Chair

This bouncer chair from Fisher-Price adapts to the needs of little ones as they grow. It starts out as a cosy, non-moving seat for newborns and infants, then it becomes a rocker chair for toddlers up to 18 kg!

Anything that works for that long will be highly appreciated by parents, but it doesn't stop there. This bouncer chair also comes with calming vibrations to soothe and comfort babies, a removable toy bar with two toys included, as well as a 3-point restraint for the baby's safety.

21. A Plush Baby Blanket

Last but not least, you can never go wrong with a nice, soft, and plush blanket! This lush fleece blanket from First Steps measures at a 100cm × 75cm size. It's gentle on the skin and offers endless possibilities as to how the mum can benefit from it.

The blanket can be used in the car, in a pram, a pushchair, a stroller, a buggy, a Moses basket, or simply in the cot. It's also machine-washable and comes in many different patterns to suit both sexes.

Wrap Up

There you have it, folks, a list of the 21 best baby shower gift ideas to help you pick out the perfect present for your soon-to-be-parents friends or family members.

Remember, when shopping for a baby shower gift, it's not just about how cute or stylish the gift looks... You also need to keep in mind how practical it is and the extent of its sentimental value.

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