Best baby bottles for newborns in 2020

Your guide to picking the perfect bottle for your newborn to ensure a safe, healthy and smooth bottle-feeding experience.

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Motherhood is warmth and security confined in a single complicated emotion. Us women, we’d give every piece of ourselves to see a smile on our babies’ faces. We’d run the extra mile, go to the moon and back if we could, just to make sure our babies are well-fed and in proper comfort.

Having to switch from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding can be a worrisome hassle when you have to pick the most comfortable bottle for your baby. We know the struggle.

Here’s your guide to pick the best baby bottles for newborns:

What to look for when you’re getting a new baby bottle

The perfect baby bottle for everyone probably doesn’t exist, but if it did, it’d have the following features:

Safe and healthy

The very best baby bottles for newborns should be BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free. These elements can cause some serious hormonal changes, which interfere with the natural growth process of the baby’s body.

Prevents colic and refluxes

It’s better if your bottle has a venting system that automatically gets rid of the residual air inside the bottle. This is efficient in decreasing colic pain, gas, burping, and spit-up. This will ensure the comfort of your baby and the peace of your mind.

Ease of cleaning

Many products in the market are made of numerous pieces that once you disassemble, you’re
doomed. These products can take a much longer time to clean.

Natural nipple texture

It’s important that the provided nipples are similar to the texture of the natural human breast. This eases the familiarity of the baby to the bottle, and ensures the baby’s acceptance. Also, it should be soft and gentle to the baby’s delicate mouth, to avoid ulcers and pain.

Controlled flow

Your newborn’s baby bottle should allow modifications to fit the needs of your baby as he/she grows. The flow of milk your baby needs changes with age, as the newborn requires slow flow, while 6+ months babies can handle fast flow nipples well.

A proper value for money

You might need to change bottles many times during the feeding process. It’s only better if your bottle has a great value for money because a leaky bottle will mess your surroundings and ruin your baby’s comfort.

That being said, here’s a list of the best baby bottles for newborns that you’re likely to stumble upon in your research:

1. Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle

Philips Avent is one of the most popular brands in childcare. The PA Anti-colic bottle is widely appraised by many mothers and it has a lot of features that you’ll need for smooth feeding.


  • Decreases colic, reflux, and discomfort by using an integrated valve that filters the air away from your baby’s tummy and into the bottle.
  • Nipple shape allows for a secure latch, while the ribbed texture helps in avoiding nipple collapse.
  • Easy to thoroughly clean, as it has a wide neck and very few parts.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight, so it’s easy for the baby to carry.
  • Comes in different flow rates, to fit your baby whatever his/her age is.
  • Allows to mix and match different nipples, so you won’t have to buy many bottles as your baby grows.
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.


  • Some mothers noticed that the slow flow nipple can be a little too fast for newborns.

2. Playtex Baby Ventaire Bottle

The USA-made baby bottle is also well-appraised among mothers, especially those who suffered previously from leaking bottles.


  • It has a bottom air vent system that channels all the air inside the bottle at the back while your baby is feeding.
  • Ergonomic. This bottle is designed to be angled, which paves the way for a semi-upright feeding. This greatly increases the risk of ear infections.
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. Made of polypropylene which is safest for food.
  • Comes in different delightful colors and designs.
  • Nipples have a raised texture and a wide shape which gives a natural feeling to the baby’s mouth.
  • Y-cut openings for thick formulas.


  • Doesn’t completely eliminate air.
  • Too many parts to clean.
  • Plastic becomes unclear when using dishwashers.

3. Evenflo Feeding Bottles

These delightful looking bottles can be a suitable choice if you’re looking for a good value for money.


  • Micro air vents prevent nipple collapse, elongating its shelf-life.
  • It comes in different designs and colors.
  • Nipple and bottle sizes are proper for a growing baby.
  • Great value for money.


  • No air venting to avoid colics and reflux.
  • Incomplete seal. Leaks some of the formula out of the bottle.

4. Dr.Brown’s Original Bottle

Dr.Brown’s award-winning bottles are a beautiful choice if you’re looking for a meticulously made product that focuses mainly on your baby’s nutrition.


  • Fully-vented bottles that reduce colic, gas and reflux. Its internal venting system prevents air entrapment and eliminates the vacuum, meaning no nipple collapse or fluid build-up in the baby’s ears.
  • Preserves nutrients, like vitamins C, A, and E + lipids. It also prevents the oxidation of milk, which protects it from nutrients loss.
  • The silicon nipple and the internal vent, give babies the complete freedom to feed at their own pace. So it’s easy to switch between breast and bottle feeding depending on what’s convenient for you and your baby.


  • They leak despite having a slow flow.

Wrap up of the best baby bottles for newborns

And that covers our list for the best baby bottles for newborns. You can pick your bottle according to safety and health measurements, ease of cleaning and utility, the ability to control the flow, the nipple texture and shape, the weight of the bottle, and of course, the bottle value for money.

Do you think we covered it all? Do you have other recommendations you think we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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